Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does it get better?

There has been a big buzz lately surrounding the video put out by BYU's USGA group.  In this video they promote the accpetance and tolerance of anybody that has homosexual struggles.  While I agree that we should be loving and try to be understanding of these people, I find it hard to just accept this kind of lifestyle.

I am saddened by the people who feel like outcasts, or who even consider suicide, but does this really say anything?  I am not questioning the authenticity of the people in the video, but I feel that it is possible to cling to an idea and eventually begin to believe.  Have I ever thought about committing suicide before?  Sure I have thought about it, but never seriously.  In those occasions it may have been because I was really embarrassed or was going through a rough time in my life.  Just because I have considered it, doesn't make the me right in whatever situation I was in.

If people are to just accept being homosexuals, and just say that is who I am and leave it at that, where does that lead to?  Does this same concept apply to people who are addicted to pornography or drugs?  One may say 'I just like pornography and can't seem to get it out of my life.'  Obviously this person would have an addiction, but should not assume that because that is his or her trial in life that it should be accepted and tolerated.  Pornography is clearly defined as a sin, and people are encouraged to overcome this. 

Now I am not an expert on homosexuals, nor do I wish to offend them, but just because they have those feelings (which may be legitimate) does not mean that they do not have to fight it if it is indeed a sin a to be a homosexual.  This may be their trial in life, just as pornography is a trial for so many others.

So of course these people need the support and love of everybody, but I do not advocate that being a homosexual is alright.  I am a judge of no man, but if one were to pray, I believe God would want to comfort and show His love to any and all of His children.  He, more than anybody else, knows how important it is to love His children, but this does not mean He loves or accepts the sin.

Jesus died for everybody, no matter our trials, feelings, or personality.  He will help us if we but ask and persevere. Who are we to say that we tried hard enough, our problem hasn't gone away, so now I'll just accept it and tell God to do the same?

Again, this may be a sensitive subject for some, and I wish to offend no one.  This is my opinion, and it will yet be seen if I am just a fish out of water.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is worth getting angry about?

Have you ever had one of those friends that you feel will explode at the most menial things?  When you feel scared to bring something up because you are afraid of a plate being thrown at your face?  Yeah, me too.

I wonder often how people can just flip a switch like that and turn into an unrelenting, unapproachable monster.  This just amazes me, because much of the time, they are fun people to be around.  But when you do some small thing, like root against their sport team or try and compromise splitting spoils left by an ex roommate, they just are not worth all the drama.

So I was just wondering, what is worth getting upset about?  Are some things more important to some people than to others?  I root for the Jazz, but if somebody tells me that they aren't very good, I could care less.  But if I tell that same person that the Nuggets are just as bad and he gets all crazy defensive and ridicules what I like just to hurt me, now that is pretty lame.  

Maybe some people take things very personally.  Maybe they do not get the big picture of life, and cling to things that do not bring joy (like the Nuggets).  They see these things as more important than friendship, more important than being civil.

It really makes things stressful because I am the type of person who wants to be kind and thoughtful towards everybody.  I don't like having bad thoughts or feelings towards friends.  But sometimes, I just turn out to be like a fish out of water.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games

Well, I saw the much hyped movie, The Hunger Games last Saturday.  I have never read the books, but have been told the basic storyline.  Let me say that it is very intriguing plot.  I am not sure how I should feel about it though.

The movie is very interesting and does a very good job of catching the viewer's interest.  I found myself waiting anxiously for what would happen next.  I can not help but ask myself however, if this is the type of movie I should watch, or if it is ethical. I guess the big hurdle for me is just the fact that older teenagers slaughter younger or weaker teenagers throughout.  Should this be something that I am excited to watch?  Or support by watching it?

The thing is though, is that I do enjoy watching other movies with lots of action, and sometimes fighting is glorified in those movies.  People even die in those movies as well.  By watching these movies, am I not still supporting violence?  Is my conscience waking up now because instead of adults, it is children dying?

I like to tell myself that it is okay, because they are just movies and what happens is not real.  But maybe I really am desensitizing myself to things that really are bad and violent and should not be portrayed in such a glorious fashion. 

These are just my thoughts as I ponder on whether Hunger Games really is a movie that I can feel comfortable watching. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Joys of Acceptance

Yesterday I was accepted into the Marriott School of Management business program at BYU.  Let me tell you that it was a joy and such a relief to be accepted into this college.

This is a very significant and important accomplishment in my life not because of the prestige of the program, but because it will allow me to pursue what I really want to do.  The months and weeks leading up to this were very stressful, because if I did not get into this school, it would have been a year wasted away and I would need to spend more time thinking of a good plan B.

I can not help but wonder, however, as to why such a rigorous selection process is necessary for the Marriott School.  I understand that it is a top program and prestigious around the nation, but does limiting who comes into the program make it that way?  Wouldn't it rely more on the people coming out?  How many of the people who were not accepted could have turned out to have really great business careers?  They could obviously transfer to other universities if that is really their dream, but most BYU students do not want to leave.

I can understand BYU turning away prospective students, there just is not enough room for everybody to come in.  I would think that the very fact that students get into BYU would be enough of a sign that people would be able to succeed in the business school.

This may just be my biased perspective, since I was probably pretty close to being one of those students turned away, but I can still realize how some people feel negative about this.

I love BYU and I am grateful to be in the Marriott School of Management.  I just wish it could have been easier.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness

Once again, the college basketball regular season has ended, and the tournament can now begin!  For me, this is the most exciting sporting event of the year.  I always get so enthralled filling out a bracket and just hoping that it does not all fall apart on me.  Sometimes I am lucky, other times not so much.

What is it about the tournament though, that makes everybody want to skip work a couple weekends and just watch game after game of college basketball?  Is is just the fact that they are invested because they have filled out a bracket?  Does the bracket make them think that they have a responsibility to pay attention to only that during this month.  Or we are just really prideful and feel that there is no way our bracket could be so wrong.  That national champion should be Kentucky, right?  50% of the nation will pick them to win, only to see them lose in the Sweet 16, and then the riots will begin.

Whatever it is, it is all very exciting.  Competing against friends and family.  Maybe the most frustrating thing about filling out the brackets, is that it really doesn't matter how much you paid attention to the sport the past four months.  I watch it all the time, and last year I was still beaten by a seven- and a nine-year-old.  How embarrasing, right?  Not really.  I'm over it now.  It really all is just randomness and lucky guesses. (That's what I have to tell myself at least.)

The one major drawback to filling out a bracket however, it that it dictates who I root for in games, even though I may want the underdog to win.  That is the really frustrating thing.  Will BYU win the championship?  Probably not.  But if I were to have Marquette say, go to the Final Four, would I root for or against BYU in the second round?

Oh the madness!

Here is one of my brackets that I filled out, it was a fun one because I picked absolutely zero upsets in it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mass emails

Do I mind mass emails? No.  It doesn't bother me at all when I get an email of any kind (that isn't spam).  Just because I do not mind it though, does not mean I will respond to it.  It does not take very much effort on my part to click the delete button.  When I do, I do not think twice about the email that I just deleted.

I can not help but notice though, how many clueless students there are.  My number one pet peeve about mass emails from BYU students is that they never say for which class they are asking help for.  How am I supposed to know that they are in my D&C class or in my Spanish Literature class.  Do they expect me to know there name?  Sorry, but only a few people are that important.

I also can not help but think that the people sending these emails are the ones who never attend class.  They always ask no brainer questions such as, 'When did the teacher say the test was?' or 'Is there a review session for the upcoming test?' If they had gone to class, they would have known.

Also, it seems like every mass email begins with, 'I'm sorry for sending out this mass email.  I know everybody hates this.'  Save your fingers some exercise.  That just makes more to read.  As I said, it does not take very much effort to put an email in the trash can.

So, write all the mass emails you want.  I probably will never respond to one.  I probably will never think longer about one than it took to write this post ever again.  But it makes for a good rant.

Go to class and pay attention.  Otherwise you will be like a fish out of water.

Friday, February 24, 2012


There are many forms of communication.  There is verbal, non-verbal, and then all of the personalized gibberish that nobody else understands. 

Everybody comes up with different ways to express themselves, and naturally expects people around them to know exactly what they are saying.  We know what we mean, why doesn't everybody else? 

Well, I have learned that people do not always understand what I say.  It may not be my word choice, but more the tone of voice I use.  I find that many times I know things because I have thought about them.  It is usually little, everyday things that I know what has happened, and expect others to know what has happened.  So when people ask what are to me some obvious decisions, I sound like it is a ridiculous question, and my tone of voice reflects it.

I realize that people do not know what I know, but I still assume that they would immediately know what conclusion I have come to.

I guess I just need to slow down sometimes to better communicate my thought processes so others will understand, and not be offended.