Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does it get better?

There has been a big buzz lately surrounding the video put out by BYU's USGA group.  In this video they promote the accpetance and tolerance of anybody that has homosexual struggles.  While I agree that we should be loving and try to be understanding of these people, I find it hard to just accept this kind of lifestyle.

I am saddened by the people who feel like outcasts, or who even consider suicide, but does this really say anything?  I am not questioning the authenticity of the people in the video, but I feel that it is possible to cling to an idea and eventually begin to believe.  Have I ever thought about committing suicide before?  Sure I have thought about it, but never seriously.  In those occasions it may have been because I was really embarrassed or was going through a rough time in my life.  Just because I have considered it, doesn't make the me right in whatever situation I was in.

If people are to just accept being homosexuals, and just say that is who I am and leave it at that, where does that lead to?  Does this same concept apply to people who are addicted to pornography or drugs?  One may say 'I just like pornography and can't seem to get it out of my life.'  Obviously this person would have an addiction, but should not assume that because that is his or her trial in life that it should be accepted and tolerated.  Pornography is clearly defined as a sin, and people are encouraged to overcome this. 

Now I am not an expert on homosexuals, nor do I wish to offend them, but just because they have those feelings (which may be legitimate) does not mean that they do not have to fight it if it is indeed a sin a to be a homosexual.  This may be their trial in life, just as pornography is a trial for so many others.

So of course these people need the support and love of everybody, but I do not advocate that being a homosexual is alright.  I am a judge of no man, but if one were to pray, I believe God would want to comfort and show His love to any and all of His children.  He, more than anybody else, knows how important it is to love His children, but this does not mean He loves or accepts the sin.

Jesus died for everybody, no matter our trials, feelings, or personality.  He will help us if we but ask and persevere. Who are we to say that we tried hard enough, our problem hasn't gone away, so now I'll just accept it and tell God to do the same?

Again, this may be a sensitive subject for some, and I wish to offend no one.  This is my opinion, and it will yet be seen if I am just a fish out of water.

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